AON hledá nové kolegy z řad matematiků

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- Development of catastrophe models with major focus on flood loss quantification
- Providing mathematical/statistical advisory for the entire catastrophe model development process
- Processing and advance analyses of hydrological observation
- Be a part of a broader internal model development team with an overlap to related (re)insurance business
- Regular internal, customer and reinsurer communication including presentations and scientific support

- Analysis of pricing, reinsurance structure optimisation and risk quantification using non-life insurance mathematics and other statistical methods
- Technical analysis and innovative insight into insurance companies, their portfolios, reinsurance contracts
Managing / participating to actuarial projects
- Creating stochastic financial models in Aon Benfield’s Financial modelling tool Remetrica
- Regular internal, customer and reinsurer communication

- Supporting ELEMENTS platform both internally (within Aon Benfield offices) and externally (Aon Benfield clients)
- User support – trouble shooting, data preparation and interpretation
- Install support for our products and advising on the acquisition and setup of relevant software and hardware environment
- Advising on procedures for development and implementation of new models
- Non-programming participation on development of new versions of the ELEMENTS platform and related tools
- Frequent internal and external customer communication

- Analyzing the impact of natural catastrophes on clients’ property portfolios, using internally developed Aon Benfield models, as well as externally licensed models (RMS, EQE, AIR).
- Analyzing and processing clients’ portfolio data.
- Testing and evaluation of the third party catastrophe models.
- Co-operation on the development of internal catastrophe models.
- Regular internal, customer and reinsurer communication.

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